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Review: Necron Warrior Box

Review: Necron Warrior Box

The 2nd box I am going to review is the Necron Warrior box.  I am not a huge fan of the Necron Warrior models in my opinion they could defiantly use a re-sculpt.  The mold lines are terrible and they have those cheesy green rods that look so stupid. The one good thing about the Necron Warrior box is that you get 2 separate units with it for the price of one.  The second unit you get is Scarabs.  However since they don’t sell Scarabs separately this is the only way you can buy them unless you go through a company that sells bits.  So onto the review I use a 5 point system to rate the box.

Looks: 2/5 Points- I am only giving them a 2 out of 5 because as I've said they are not the best looking in my opinion which brought them down to a 3 and to top it off they have those green rods which brings them down another point in my opinion.

Easiness to Assemble: 4/5 Point- I gave them a 4 because they are extremely easy to assemble. The only problems I have had is with their guns.

Mold Lines: 1/5 Points- They got a 1 because the mold lines are terrible.  It takes as long to get rid of their mold lines as it takes to paint them maybe even longer.

Value for Money: 5/5 Points- I gave them a  5 because you get 2 units for the price of one with this box.

So Overall I would give this Box: 3/5 Points

In the box you get identical sprews along with the green tubes.  You also get 2 different bases the bigger ones are for the Scarabs and the smaller ones are for the Warriors.  This is an older GW kit so there are not going to be a bunch of extra bits. In fact I don’t believe you will be left with any extra bits.

So let’s talk about the warriors.  The main thing I will mention is the mold lines.  They take forever to get rid of and it can be very hard to get rid of all of them.  I swear every time I think I have gotten rid of all the mold lines more seem to appear out of nowhere. The other thing I have noticed about half of the time after you have assemble the gun the barrel ends up crooked it seems that it is just the way the pieces fit together. But overall it is very easy to assemble the Warriors the only thing to remember is that the arms have to match up with each other. The guns use the green tubes if you don’t like them like me you can either paint over them or you can cut out the tubes from the Immortal gauss guns and use them to replace the green tubes.I have not done this conversion but I have seen it and it looks pretty good in my opinion.  Also if you do like the tubes you can get different colored tubes from other companies I have seen red,blue and purple ones. I can’t remember the company but if you search on some forums you should be able to find them no problem.

There isn't a lot to say about the scarabs.  I will mention that they are supposed to be a swarm if I remember correctly but they only come with 3 or 4 per base which doesn't really look at all like a swarm to me. If you want to make more you can always make a mold of one and then use green stuff or something similar to make your own.  I have never done this but I know of a few people who have.  I personally like the forge world Scarabs better the ones that come with the Warrior box.  However the forge world ones are 16 pounds so I think that makes them around 25 to 30 dollars in the US which is way too much for only 3 bases.


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