Saturday, March 2, 2013

Updated Painting Tutorials

Updated Painting Tutorials

I haven’t gotten the chance to change my old painting tutorials so they are updated to how I am currently painting my Necrons.  Some of the tutorials are the same but most are very similar but have some minor changes that will speed it up a little bit.  I haven’t gotten the chance to take Pictures yet so I made this in the meantime till I can make proper ones. This has tutorials for everything except Power Weapons, Res Orbs and Energy Orbs. Also I have painted another 3 Immortals so I have 5 Immortals and 1 Destroyer Lord done at this time.

Part 1 Metal

Steps 1 through 3: Same as before

Step 4: take Runefang silver and line highlight the edges of the areas that you highlighted in phase 3. Note you are not highlighting every edge just the edges that would get the light

Step 5: make a mix of one part Nuln Oil and one Argax Earthshade.  Then you want to wash all the metal areas on the model.  You don’t want a heavy coat I find the best way to do this is to basically drybush it on.

Step 6: Use the same mix as in step 5.  Except this time you want to paint the wash into the groves and recesses of the metal areas that would receive the most contrast and shadows. An example would be between the 2 rods that are the forearms and lower legs or in between the fingers.

Part 2 The Red Areas

Same as before no changes

Part 3 Energy

Same as before no changes

Example of Finished Tubes, Gauss Rods, and Black Ares

Part 4 Immortal Gauss Rods

Step 1: Paint a solid coat of Incubi Darkness over the whole rod.

Step 2: Paint a solid coat of Kabalite Green over the whole rod.

Step 3: Paint a solid coat of Sybarite Green over the whole rod.

Step 4: Wash the entire rod with Biel-Tan Green.

Step 5: Use Sybarite Green to Paint all the raised areas and the balls on the gauss rods. Basically all the areas accept the groves

Step 6: Mix 1 part Sybarite Green and 1 part White Scar Paint then do a line highlight around all the raised areas on the gauss tubes. Also paint the raised balls as well.

Part 5 The Glow Effect

Same as before just ignore step 3

Part 6 the Blue Tubes

Paints needed for painting Tubes

Step 1:  Paint a solid layer of Caledor Sky and coat all the tubes with a solid.  You should water the paint down a bit because it is a base paint.

Step 2: Wash the tubes in Drakenhof Nightshade.

Step 3: Paint a layer Highlight of Caledor Sky.  So basically paint the whole tubes except the recess and groves.

Step 4: Paint a layer Highlight of Teclis Blue. Paint this layer where the tubes would get the most light

Step 5: Paint another layer Highlight of Lothern Blue, but much thinner highlight then step 4.

Step 6: Glaze the tubes with a light layer of Giliman Blue to tone down the previous layers.  You don’t want to put a lot on just enough to lightly cover the tubes.

What the Black areas  look like when  finished

Part 7 the Black areas

Paints needed for the black areas

Step 1: Make sure the area has a solid coat of black use Abaddon Black to make any touch ups need from the base coat

Step 2: Take Eshin Grey and line Highlight the Black Areas.  Only do the edges that would receive light so for example don’t highlight the bottom of the gun

Step 3: Take Dawn stone and do a thinner Line Highlight so some of the Eshin Grey still shows


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